"Carlos is a brilliant Spanish teacher. He is very enthusiastic and always comes up with interesting exercises or topics to discuss. He really encourages you to practice your Spanish speaking skills and corrects you in a very tactful way. I made a lot of progress with him. His explanations are clear and when he notices you make the same mistake over and over again, he goes back to the grammar. All in all, what I really like about him is his tailored approach to teaching. I made a lot of progress with him and would recommend him to anyone at any level."Anne-Laure MartinezOperational Due Diligence, Aberdeen Asset Management

"I've had both one-to-one and online Spanish lessons with Carlos for over three years and there wasn't a single occasion when I would feel bored or unmotivated. Carlos is a talented teacher who provides a challenging and fun program. His Spanish classes are a perfect combination of grammar, reading and speaking. What makes Carlos so distinctive however is his ability to adjust the teaching to your background, interests and hobbies, which makes it relevant and stimulating. Lessons with Carlos are also great fun, which is why I look forward to my Spanish class every week."Marcin WawroResearcher, Shine TV
31, Polish

"Carlos taught Spanish my two boys age 6 and 7 in 2012. He made Spanish lessons fun and engaging, helping the boys not only to grasp the rudiments of Spanish but to develop a genuine interest in the Spanish language and culture. Carlos is friendly and engaging in teaching and all Spanish classes were carefully planned taking into consideration shorter attention spans of children. I would highly recommend Carlos in teaching languages to children."Marion DeucharsFreelance Ilustrator

"I was lucky to find Carlos and have him as my Spanish tutor for two years.  It’s important to find the right tutor at the very start; one which suits you and one who can understand your capacity for learning.  With Carlos grammar was logical, (although not without some nasty quirks!), my vocabulary grew quickly with the help of illustrations and associated audio aids, and the stress was taken out of study by having a teacher with a sense of humour and infinite patience. I made really good progress in a short time. Of course, the speed at which you learn is directly dependant on your own initiative and study but Carlos was always keen to keep an eye on what I was doing in my own time, making sure I wasn’t blindly heading off into the deep end." John RobertsonManaging Director, Model Solutions Ltd.
54, British

"I had Spanish lessons with Carlos for around 2 years, initially face to face and then, due to me moving to another country, I continued with Carlos learning Spanish online. He is an extremely patient Spanish tutor who has an ability to explain all complicated grammar structures and other aspect of the language in a real simple way. Another great thing about Carlos' teaching style is how he adapts subject of each lesson based on his students' interests and he doesn't just blindly follow the book. I would recommend him for both face to face and online Spanish classes to anyone."Pierre BreutConsulting Company in London
27, French

"I've had weekly Spanish classes with Carlos for 4 years, both face-to-face and via Skype (which have worked very well).  I have found him to be a very good teacher and the lessons are always relaxed and enjoyable.  We cover a range of topics including studying grammar, reading articles and conversational Spanish.  My Spanish has improved significantly during the time that I have studied with Carlos and I have no hesitation in recommending him."Ian ThomasManaging Director, Turquoise International Ltd
41, British

"Carlos is an excellent and professional Spanish trainer who delivers dynamic training and keeps his learners motivated at all times. He has conducted training for various adult groups and individuals at all levels. As the Head of Foreign Languages at Linguarama London, I was always confident in giving Carlos learners with different professional backgrounds, including high profile clients. His learners achieved the desired results and their feedback on his teaching was excellent. In addition, Carlos is a team player and was a popular member of the Spanish team. He always reported back useful information to his line managers and made recommendations to training plans as necessary. I have no hesitation in recommending Carlos as a Spanish trainer as he was an asset to the team and a pleasure to work with."Myra PearsonHead of Foreign Languages, Linguarama London

"I have been a student of Carlos (studing Spanish online, via Skype and face to face) since I was a beginner and under his tuition have progressed rapidly to advanced level Spanish. Carlos's Spanish classes cover all the key aspects of learning a language, from grasping and using grammatical rules, to conversing in a fluid, relaxed and learning to read technical text. Carlos is skilled at explaining some of the more complex aspects of grammar in an easy to understand manner, whilst keeping lessons varied and enjoyable. His interpersonal style makes classes a real pleasure, and the way in which Carlos is naturally inquisitive about all topics (even those outside of his own sphere of interest) means that one can learn and focus on topics that are of personal interest - a crucial tactic in helping maintain interest in learning a language. I would highly recommend Carlos to any prospective student, irrespective of ability. Having learned with him at beginner, intermediate and advanced level, I have seen first hand how he is able to adapt and change his styles to suit the level of the individual, and always keep his Spanish lessons both interesting and enjoyable. Carlos is a very positive person and really cares about the progress of his students - having had a number of different teachers I know that this is a rare find. Whether you simply want to try to enjoy learning a language, or are serious about developing business level fluency, Carlos has the skills to get you there!" Thomas ElliotProject Manager, Global Financial Institution
27, British

"Carlos is a very patient and positive teacher who helped me improving my Spanish skills with varied useful exercises. He was quick to find the areas in which I needed to focus and adapted the learning materials to my specific needs. I can warmly recommend him to anyone looking to learn Spanish, at any level."Lars Eirik Gåseide RøsåsCity Lawyer, London
35, Norwegian

"I have been learning Spanish with Carlos for 2 years, both face to face and via Skype, and have found the method of teaching excellent. As well as dramatically improving my spoken Spanish through conversation, the textbooks and homework have greatly increased my understanding of the language and my written ability. Carlos is engaging, enthusiastic and – above all – patient and supportive in his style of teaching. I would thoroughly recommend Carlos to anyone – beginner or experienced - wishing to learn and improve their Spanish."Roger MintonDirector, Minton Consulting Ltd
49, British

"Carlos was my teacher for c. 2 months in 2006. At the time, I was preparing for a new job where I was going to use Spanish more intensively and was looking for one-to-one Spanish lessons which were specifically tailored to my needs. Carlos was the perfect teacher as he was consistently focused on developing the weaknesses he had identified early on and which were consistent with my objectives. I really enjoyed my lessons with Carlos. His teaching methods and materials were excellent – they were always relevant and clearly tailored to my development needs. Furthermore, the lessons were good fun and Carlos always made sure that each lesson had the right level of energy and focus. In summary, having Carlos as my Spanish teacher was a great decision as I met all my objectives and materially improved my Spanish."Luis Mota DuarteInvestment Director, Bridgepoint
36, Portuguese

"Carlos provides as a Spanish teacher an excellent range of content and focus, his teaching style straightforward and concise whereas at the same time he creates a friendly, buddy like, learning atmosphere. The literature provided combined with listening exercises and reading of current affairs articles helped me to build my Spanish level from conversational to fluent in one year. The most important asset of Carlos is his ability to adjust classes to personal timetable needs and his ability to really listen to the needs of his students. I take strong comfort in recommending him as teacher on any level, also when learning Spanish online."Jan LuehrsInternational Manager, HSBC
31, German

"I was learning Spanish with Carlos for the period of 1 year; the purpose was to get a grasp of the language before going travelling in South America. His Spanish lessons were always highly interactive and prepared considering my interests and individual needs. Carlos is extremely professional as a teacher but also you can tell that he thoroughly enjoys his job and working with students. I would recommend him to anyone, also for learning Spanish online, regardless of the level.Natalia DubinskaSenior Digital Producer, RKCR/Y&R
31, Polish

"Carlos provides an excellent tuition service is fun to work with and is a very trustworthy and reliable individual."Chris FossittDirector, St James's Associates

"I would definitely recommend Carlos as a teacher to anyone considering his Spanish classes. I had lessons once a week for a year and found them very useful, interesting and practical for my travels in South America. We utilised a number of teaching materials and concentrated on speaking, as well as reviewing home personal study. Carlos helped me improve my spoken Spanish in one-on-one lessons, which was an area I had not been confident in, and was a very helpful teacher."Ryan EverettAssistant Vice President, Citibank
30, British

It has been a pleasure working with Carlos at Linguarama for the last 6 years. His enthusiasm, commitment and professionalism always comes back in the form of excellent feedback from all his studentsMargarita EchanoveHead of Spanish, Marcus Evans, Linguarama
40, Spanish

Carlos is a very likeable and enthusiastic teacher. He is very passionate about Spain, its language, its heritage and traditions which is reflected in his teaching style. He’s easy going but tough at the same time. His courses are perfectly tailored to his clients desire.Pascal KeutgensPartner, Doughty Hanson & Co Private Equity
40, Belgian

Carlos approaches all aspects of teaching with great enthusiasm and commitment. He is a very reliable tutor who is able to tailor his teaching for each student and seeks to achieve practical and useful results. His great communication skills and friendly approach have a very positive impact in his lessons. Students definitely enjoy learning with Carlos. He is a pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone wanting to learn Spanish.María GordoAccount Manager, Language Training Agency in London

As a beginner and adult learner I was nervous but Carlos quickly had me at ease given his personality, logical teaching and interesting materials. Since 2009, when my Spanish lessons began, I have found that I am learning more than I thought at the time and Carlos is flexible both in terms of different lesson times and in varying the materials to keep things fresh. We have also used Skype for the lessons in the weeks when I am busy or have had to rearrange the lesson, which also adds flexibility and variety as it allows us to use resources from the web during the lesson.Robin JennerDirector, MetLife Investments Ltd
40, British

"I took weekly private Spanish lessons with Carlos for a year at my home and thoroughly enjoyed every session. Learning a new language is demanding but Carlos made it enjoyable and stimulating, always bringing a sense of fun and providing the right level of challenge to push me forward. His relaxed style built my confidence and made me unafraid to ask questions, and his logical approach helped me to understand and remember new grammar and idioms rapidly. His written materials complemented the oral elements of the tuition nicely and frequent discussion of everyday idioms and slang helped me build a solid knowledge of the Spanish language as it is really spoken which I could use in real-life situations. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to other students looking for a fun and effective Spanish learning experience". Matthew GoodsallOwner, Lime Tree Hotel
38, British

Carlos has been an excellent teacher over the last six years . Very patient but offering varied and interesting Spanish lessons. He chooses his texts for reading with the student's interests in mind and the subjects have ranged from Spanish politics to natural history. I feel I have made great progress with my understanding of the Spanish language and culture. Carlos has also been willing to change the format of lessons to brush up on language skills before a trip. Overall an excellent teacher.Anonymous

Carlos makes learning Spanish easy and fun! He is very passionate and professional about teaching Spanish and tailors his classes to our needs and preferences. With his friendly approach he makes our classes interesting and productive. The classes are a good balance of practising Spanish by discussing current affairs and improving our grammar through exercise. We thoroughly enjoy his classes and can highly recommend him for private lessons.Fiona Dunsire

Nicole Weiner

I have had quite a few spanish teachers and Carlos is by far the best. His teaching style and knowledge of the language is of such a high standard that in each lesson there will be progressions in both your speaking and understanding of the spanish language. Learning a foreign language can be slightly embarrassing at times and Carlos is very personable and puts you at ease. I cannot recommend him highly enough.Martin HolgateGloveup
40, British

I started learning Spanish in January 2013. At first it was face-to-face. After 5 months we continued via Skype, which was a success despite all my concerns. It is actually very convenient as on-line lessons offer loads of diferent possibilities. It became even more dynamic than the face-to-face class. I find his lessons unusual in a very good sense, as the class is very dynamic and not at all following a conventional way of learning a language. Carlos gives a lot of importance to improve conversational skills, he has a very entertaining way of teaching finding exercises with Music, Literature and other cultural aspects. Also, homework is a way to learn more as Carlos focuses on the student’s interest and gives research to do and texts to write about subjects his student is interested in. Spanish classes with Carlos is more like a rich exchange of opinions. I would recommend this way of learning to anyone regardless the level. Learning Spanish while having a nice time after work is definitely a good reason to continue.Leila MeroueArchitect,
29, French

"I am very happy to recommend Carlos Macías for Spanish Tuition. He tutored my sons and was able to pitch the lessons at a level that suited both despite an age gap of five years and different levels of ability. Carlos was professional at all times and always prepared interesting Spanish classes. He used both print and internet materials and kept the lessons interesting and lively. The boys especially enjoyed a café-based lesson where they could try out their improving conversational skills."Sinda LópezFreelance Lexicographer

"Carlos was a great help in aiding my learning of Spanish with a very friendly open style and positive enthusiasm that help drive me on during our lessons when I did not feel very confident about my abilities. I would recommend him to anybody who wants to learn Spanish."Lawrence ButcherSenior Vice President, SMBC Leasing (UK) Limited
44, British

After 1 year of studying Spanish in a class I turned to Carlos for 1-1 weekly Spanish lessons. Thanks to Carlos I developed my vocabulary and improved my conversational Spanish a lot. Not only I can now order a meal in a Spanish restaurant and ask for directions but talk comfortably about lifestyles, art and culture as well as use my Spanish at my work to communicate with my colleagues from Madrid office. Carlos is an expert in making his students feel confident about their level of Spanish but simultaneously he always focuses on grammar and ensures you do not loose out on correct speaking and writing. He also has an extensive Spanish and Latin American film library. Apart from growing into a confident and fluent Spanish speaker I also became el maestro in Argentinean cinematography! Jakub BojczukRoute Manager, British Airways
32, Polish